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Samlaren 2021

This year’s issue of Samlaren is now available at the Swedish Society of Literature’s homepage.

Samlaren 2021 contains 10 articles and reviews of 10 doctoral dissertations and 18 other works of literary criticism and scholarship, including:

  • Cecilia Aare makes an narratological analysis of how Gustaf Hellström creates and conveys a narrative commitment in his reports from the First World War.
  • Yasmin Nyqvist examines – through an analysis of reception and marketing – how the image of Anna Bondestam as a working-class writer is established.
  • Mats Jansson explores the voice of melancholy in the writings of Folke Dahlberg.
  • Caroline Haux employs René Girard’s theory of mimetic desire to examine how the border is constructed in Torgny Lindgren’s novel Hummelhonung.
  • Johanna Lindbo examines the connection between femininity and water in works by Birgitta Trotzig and Mare Kandre.
  • Johan Alfredsson launches the concept “the poetic zone” to describe the performative potential of the text in picturebooks for children.
  • Anna Biström maps database-visibility for Finnish authors writing in Swedish in the period 1830–1930.
  • Elin Svahn makes a broad survey of Swedish translation awards against the backdrop of Jerry Määttä’s previous study Swedish literary awards.
  • Elisabeth Hjorth discusses “therapeutic writing” through a reading of Isabella Nilsson’s Nonsensprinsessans dagbok.
  • Andrej Scheglov translates and comments a previously untranslated edition of The Testament of King Magnus, which provides insights into the Russian view of Sweden in the Middle Ages.

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