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Call for Articles – Samlaren 2024

Samlaren. Tidskrift för forskning om svensk och annan nordisk litteratur is Sweden’s oldest journal for research in literary studies. The journal is published by the Swedish Society for Literature and appears as an annual publication, both in print and digitally as an Open Access Journal at the society’s homepage.

Samlaren presently welcomes contributions to this year’s issue. Samlaren aims to be an inclusive arena for research on Swedish and Nordic literature and welcomes high-quality contributions on all subjects within these general frames.

This year’s issue will also feature a thematic section on “Stig Dagerman and Existential Modernism in the Nordic Countries”. The theme emerges from the Swedish Society for Literature’s commemoration of Stig Dagerman’s 100th year anniversary at the society’s Autumn meeting in 2023. Samlaren, however, broadens the theme to encompass existential modernism in the Nordic countries at large. Samlaren therefore especially welcomes contributions that, in a wide sense, can be included under that heading. Articles may deal with Nordic existentialism, modernism and journalism, existential philosophy and 2nd world war politics in a Nordic, literary, context, among other things.

Please submit contributions to this year’s issue to no later than June 15, 2024.

A condition for acceptance is that the article is not already published elsewhere. If the article is under consideration by another journal or publisher, this shall be stated in communication with the editor. Samlaren applies double-blind peer-review, which means that manuscripts will be reviewed by anonymous experts. The author is responsible for the contents of his/her article.

Articles should not exceed 80 000 characters, including spaces; as an exception, longer contributions may be considered. The text must be linguistically and formally correct. Drafts and subject propositions will not be considered. The article must include a summary in English, no longer than 300 words, and 3–5 keywords. The article can be written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, German or French.

For further information about the formatting of articles, see the instructions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact editor Ingeborg Löfgren at