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About Samlaren

ISSN (online): 2002-3871
ISSN (print): 0348-6133

Samlaren (= ~The Miscellany [literally ‘The Collector’]) is the oldest literature journal in Sweden, published since 1880 by the Swedish Society of Literature, seated in Uppsala. The journal appears in the form of a yearbook containing an article section and a review section. Its intended primary audience comprises scholars and teachers in the field of literature.

The article section welcomes academic contributions to research on Swedish and other Nordic literature. The extensive review section features reviews of virtually every Swedish doctoral dissertation in literature. There is moreover a section with reviews of other works about literature published both in Sweden and abroad.

Samlaren is the country’s most comprehensive periodical publication in the field of literature. It offers a unique opportunity to stay abreast of developments and theoretical debates in the field.

The Swedish Society of Literature’s own assets secure the long-term independent publication of Samlaren. Thanks to donations from the Sven and Dagmar Salén Foundation and the Foundation Olle Engkvist Building Contractor, it has been possible to digitize earlier volumes of Samlaren and make them available on the web.


  • Ingeborg Löfgren, Uppsala University, article editor
  • Tim Berndtsson, Uppsala University, review editor

Editorial Board

Samlaren ’s Editorial Board consists of prominent Swedish and international literary scholars. Members of the Editorial Board actively assist the editors in ongoing work, are available as experts, and take on assignments as referees.

  • Linda Rugg, UC Berkeley
  • Stefanie von Schnurbein, Humboldt-University, Berlin
  • Åsa Arping, Gothenburg University
  • Johnny Kondrup, Copenhagen University
  • Torbjörn Forslid, Lund University
  • Joachim Schiedermair, LMU München
  • Elisabeth Oxfeldt, Oslo University
  • Anna Albrektson, Stockholm University
  • Thomas Götselius, Stockholm University
  • Daniel Sävborg, University of Tartu
  • Maria Jönsson, Umeå University
  • Torsten Pettersson, Uppsala University
  • Klaus Müller-Wille, University of Zurich
  • Claes Ahlund, Åbo Akademi University

Peer Review

All scholarly articles that are judged to be suitable for publication in the journal have been scrutinized by at least two independent and anonymous academic referees. Samlaren observes the double-blind principle, which entails that both the author and the referees are anonymous to each other. Decisions regarding publication are made by the article editor, based on the statements of the referees.

Open Access and copyright

Samlaren online is an Open Access Journal, meaning that anyone, on the condition that the source and author are stated, has the right, free of charge, to read, download, copy, print out, link to, and disseminate material contained in the journal. Neither authors or readers are charged any fees.

Samlaren holds a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0-license. Authors retain the copyright to their articles.

Ethics of publication and research

Samlaren observes the ethical guidelines for academic publishing that have been laid down between DOAJ, COPE, OASPE and WAME: “Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing”, and honors the research-ethics guidelines presented in the Swedish Research Council’s report God forskningssed (2017). See further Ethical guidelines.

Personal information

The Swedish Society of Literature is responsible for personal information.

For the purpose of publishing the journal, personal information is dealt with in connection with author contacts and other editorial work, such as contacts with referees regarding peer reviews.

The personal information that is dealt with is generally not considered sensitive, but rather consists of email addresses and other contact information.

The legal underpinning for dealing with personal information is Article 6.1 in the EU’s Data Protection Directive, a balancing of interests between the rightful interests of the instance responsible for the personal information and the interests of the persons registered.

Personal information involving the journals subscribers is directly handled by AB in accordance with that company’s data protection policy.

If you have questions regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the editors.